Spirit Guides

Limited Edition Merch + Spirit Guide DLC

 ✅Basics: Purchase limited edition merch and a free unique game collectible Spirit Guide.

Spirit Guide 101: They are mystical pets that help you on your dungeon runs and collecting resources in Hero Trainer 2.0.


I have a code, now what?

For people who were selected in the raffle on August 11th, it will be used directly to redeem the Spirit Guide on our website November.

How long will it last?

November: Claim your DLC with your unique code and email. No crypto wallet required, but can be paired. 

Do all Merch packages come with free Spirit Guide DLC?


What type of Merch is available? How much will it cost?

You can purchase the Merch on our website. 

Are there limited amounts of each Merch package?


Package 1: 1,000
Package 2: 5,000
Package 3: 2,900

Will I be able to get this Merch or Spirit Guides again?

No, you will not be able to get this generation of Merch or Spirit Guides. These are limited edition. 

How many packages can be purchased?

Up to 5 packages per a person.

Where do you ship Merch?

Globally, but shipping rates will vary from country to country.

Will the DLC cost anything to mint?

No, it will be fully free.

Hero Trainer is built on a gas-free, 100% carbon neutral blockchain. 

What blockchain will Hero Trainer 2.0 be on?

Hero Trainer is built on a gas-free, 100% carbon neutral blockchain, and made for gaming. It hasn't officially announced its blockchain publicly. Here is a hint: "Talk is cheap. It takes money to buy whiskey."

How many Spirit Guides are available?

There will be a total of 10,000 total Spirit Guides.

9,900 will be given to the public and 100 will be saved for the Hero Trainer team and small giveaways. 

How many types of Spirit Guides are there?

There 5 different Spirit Guides for the whitelist event. 2,000 of each. No two will be alike in their type, appearance, and stats.

When will Hero Trainer 2.0 be available?

Hero Trainer 1.0 launched in April 2020 on both iOS and Android. We are aiming to have a beta version by the end of this year with our first module of the game. You can get an invite code to Hero Trainer 1.0. 


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