Frequently Asked Questions

When does Hero Trainer launch?

  • Official public release in March 2020, but exclusive early access will be available soon.

What games will be available?

  • PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile games.

What games are available?

  • BetaDwarf, the creators of Minion Masters, is our only official partner
  • We have purchased rewards for many other games: Apex Legends, League of Legends, Fortnite, Rainbox Six: Siege, Elder Scrolls Online, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, and many more
  • All games will be a surprise, but we will hint about it here.

How do I make sure the game I play is on Hero Trainer?

  • We will be sending out surveys soon, join our waitlist to be notified.
  • Tag game companies you want in our posts 

How does the Hero Trainer work?

  • Hero Trainer will track your steps whenever you go outside for a walk or run.
  • Hero Trainer will give you points or gems for each step walked.
  • Exchange your points for a reward code in a game you play.
  • Login to your game and redeem reward code.

When will you add gym support?

  • It will be a premium feature that we will add down the road. Normally, users can only earn rewards through running outside in the free version of the app. With the premium version, users can do any exercise at a gym and receive rewards. Yoga, swimming, bouldering, weight lifting, anything you can think of. 

Does it work with wearable or fitness apps?

  • Not initially, but we do plan to add the feature to connect to Apple Watch, Fitbit, as well as fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health.

How do I know the app is counting steps?

  • You will see the step counter increase in both number and fill the progress bar
  • There will be a purple ring around number of gems indicating the gps is active - otherwise the ring will be black.

How many steps are equal to one gem?

  • 1,000 steps = 1 gem

What is the maximum number of gems you can earn in one day?

  • Initially, it will be limited to 10 gems per day, but we will be adjust this as our anti-cheating algorithms improve.
  • We will add future features like bonus gems for leveling up, working out streaks, etc. 

Does the app need to open on my screen to work?

  • No, it will also work in the background. Although bugs have been reported (and we are working to address them).

Are you a game company, gym, business, or influencer interested in a partnership?

Fitness in the real world, level up in the virtual world.