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Charmander can evolve to Charizard in a couple hours, but it takes you 90 days of consistent exercise to make your high school nemesis jealous.

90 days rivals exercise

It’s hard to stay motivated to exercise when your results aren’t as quick and drastic as a Pokemon evolution.

I always struggled to stay consistent in exercising. I had the idea of doing push-ups and squats based on my performance in game, but even that well intentioned thought lost steam.

It failed for one reason. It did not help my video game character.

In that moment, I learned one thing about myself as a gamer. I would do anything for my video game character, but not for myself. It’s the same reason I showed up everyday to do the most mundane tasks to farm the rarest gear for my sorceress in Diablo II.

I wasn’t alone in this though, it was wide spread. There’s a reason why gamers are associated with poor quality of health. We put our game characters above ourselves. We skip water, meals, sleep, and even basic hygiene sometimes to help our character grow.

This idea inspired me to capture the immersive qualities of gaming and combine it with the healthy habit of exercising to create Hero Trainer. It is a free mobile app where users can earn rewards in their favorite video games for exercising.

Earn points for each step you run outside. Trade those points for premium reward codes in your favorite games. Hero Trainer hosts rewards from games like League of Legends to World of Warcraft to Apex Legends to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to Minecraft to Fortnite and more.

You aren’t tied to one game or a console. As your taste in games changes, your progress will be saved on the app. Gaming should always be fun. You shouldn’t have to play Wii Fit to stay active into 2020. You should be able to play any game your heart desires while you get healthy.

Even on the days you struggle to exercise or work becomes too much or you get sick, your video game character will hold your progress. So you won’t feel like you’re starting from the bottom when begin to exercise again.

Look and feel like the hero of your game. Take that step in your world and ours.

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About the Author

Yash Jain is the founder of Hero Trainer. He has made it his mission to help people get physically and mentally healthy through his passion, video games. His vision is to create a company based on accountability, ethics, and valuing human interaction and community. Using these principles, he believes, he can bring together different groups of gamers, streamers, athletes, and casual gym-goers alike.