From Injury to Power Lifting President

Many of you are gearing up for another year of New Year's resolutions, but what will you do differently this time? 

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Remove those new shoes from your shopping cart and pick up your note book. 

Your 'why' is the most important for staying consistent. Why do you want to lose 20 lbs or get shredded? What is your reason for taking on that goal? What will happen if you don't accomplish it this year? What will happen if you do accomplish it this year?

The proper reason can overcome any difficulty. Take it from John Roberts (@wastedsith), the President of USF Power Lifting Club. 

John permanently injured his foot. His doctor recommended for him to get surgery. It was suppose to be the long-term solution. It would eliminate the pain and help in the long-run. Unforunately, the surgery did the opposite. The pain was worse after and he lost functionality in his foot. He was on crutches and now walked with a limp.

John had a choice to make when life blinded-sided him. He could crumple with his foot and wallow in his misery or he could channel that energy into exploring a new space.

It became his fighting mantra. He didn't gently walk into his new hobby, he drove forward like an unstoppable force. In fact, John showed up to his first powerlifting competition on a cane!

Many of you have a similar decision to make. Either you can crumple to your goals like you did in 2019 or you can channel those failures into your reason for pushing yourself beyond. 

And it's not all difficult either, only the beginning is challenging. A rocket uses the most fuel when it lifts off, but once it break out of orbit, it just continues at that momentum. 

We like to believe the people at the gym will mock us for trying to achieve our fitness goals, but from John's and my experience, it couldn't be further than the truth. Many people at the gym have been where you been, they will try to help you. 

It will result in new connections, friendships, and even inspire people. For myself personally, there is nothing more inspiring that watching a heavy, skinny, or old person go through their routine at the gym. I know how difficult it is to fight the negative thoughts and simply show up at the gym. Make that your strength like John.  

John inspired many people through overcoming his injury and uniting the powerlifting and gaming communities together. Today, he is the president of USF power lifting club and successful streamer. Go ahead, reach out, and claim your destiny, hero. 

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