Game Rewards For Steps

Earn rewards in dozens of games on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo for walking.

All for free.

Hero Trainer - Game Rewards For Steps | Product Hunt

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Transform With Your Game

Earn Cyberpunk 2077

Games eventually get boring, that's why we keep adding new ones. Your steps will count towards the next exciting game.

Meet Gamers Into Fitness

Whether you're a gamer, athlete, or cosplayer, you can chat and walk with all types of people here.

1UP Motivation

From leveling up heroes to completing quests to challenging guilds to keeping your daily streak, we've made it fun to stay fit.

Steps Walked With Hero Trainer

650 , 490 , 553

Syncs with Apple Health & Google Fit

Earn Aura from those steps and trade it for the reward you want!

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