A Mission Your Mother Would Support

"Hero Trainer gives gamers the tools to own their health and fight the growing health crisis in the gaming community."

Made By A Team of Gamers, Not Corpos

No Pay 2 Win

No Predatory Systems

No Useless Grind

A Certified Public Benefit Company

Weekly Live Feedback with Team

Fully Transparent

Speaking of Transparency, Let Us Earn Your Trust

Blockchain, But Wait Listen

No degen or hype culture. 

Tech for security, item ownership, trading, and partnering with games.

No need to learn anything to play.

 AI Used Ethically

No direct-use of AI to create assets.

All art, scripts, and assets are designed in-house first, then AI is used to iterate on.

Data That is Fully Yours

We do not sell your data and never will.

Secure, transparent, & HIPAA-compliant practices. 

Easily deletable data. 

Don't Listen to Us, Listen to A User Who Tattooed Our Logo

10 Real People, 100+ Years of Game Dev

Yash Jain

Founder, CEO, & Game Director

Yota Wada

Game Production Advisor

Lea Thompson

Marketing Advisor

Gregor Maric

Technical Advisor




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